Water Purifiers - Water Purification Systems and Filters. Reverse Osmosis. Cape Town Western Cape Agent for Abundant Water Services. With water contamination of municipal water supplies becoming a real problem in Cape Town, you need to have an effective water filtration, purification system to keep your family safe and healthy.

Imagine never having worry about the quality of water coming our of your taps at home or office. We have the ultimate solution and it is also the most cost effective and affordable water purification system available. So why wait for things to get worse, is Cape Town municipal water safe to drink - take control and fit an Abundant Water Services water filter call O82 324 3157 today.

We believe in your health! Our mission is to deliver clean pure and healthy drinking water in unlimited quantities to you our client. We believe that the process of Reverse Osmosis is the most effective way to restore our drinking water to its original format H2O and proudly supply our range of reverse osmosis water purifiers to the market in South Africa. To this end we have differentiated ourselves in 3 key area's to ensure your ongoing access to affordable high quality drinking water.

Our water purification system comply to the American and European quality standards and are guaranteed up to 5 years subject to participation in the maintenance plan.

How much does a water purification system cost?

At only R1699 (including installation) for our household Reverse Osmosis water purification systems, we are by far the most cost effective solution for purified water on tap. Our research showed that the hight purchase prices of our competitors products was a major limiting factor in getting access to purified water. We then scoured the globe to find suppliers of high quality systems at a price that was accessible to the South African market. After doing extensive research of more than 30 suppliers and manufacturers, we believe we have succeeded.

The Maintenance Plan

Any water filtration of purification system is only as good as its last filter change. Our research showed that the overwhelming majority of people that had purchased water filters or purifiers DID NOT REGULARLY CHANGE THEIR FILTERS! Not changing your filters can actually create a breeding ground for bacteria and deliver water that is even more hazardous than unfiltered water! Furthermore, after sales service of purifiers was also found to be a sore point for many consumers we surveyed. Lack of guarantees, poor technical support, leaks, and costly call out fees all seemed to sour the effect of what should really have been a pleasant drinking experience. That is why all our systems come with a comprehensive 5 year guarantee and a maintenance plan. For a nominal R114 inc vat, Abundant Water Services takes full responsibility for the consistent delivery of clean water from your system.

This means that, other than the R114 per month, YOU PAY NOTHING FOR:

The Mineral Injector!

Reverse Osmosis is a powerful technology. So powerful in fact that it strips the beneficial minerals out of the water, along with the pollutants, contaminants and impurities. Its rather like the over zealous waiter that comes and takes all the plates off the tables whether you were still busy eating or not. Because we care about your health, our water purifiers come standard with a mineral injector. The Mineral Injector re-introduces the beneficial minerals back into the water before you drink it! It sounds so simple but many of our competitors either do not include this essential component, or charge extra for it.

Another important point to note is the nature of the minerals themselves. You see you can get calcium from spinach (organic) and you can get calcium from chalk (inorganic). Which do you think is more readily usable by the body? Obviously the organic minerals are usable by the human body. In fact the inorganic minerals can actually cause serious harm, contributing to such conditions as arterial sclerosis, kidney stones and even cancer. That is why our mineral injectors contain only organic minerals to ensure your body maintains optimal health and well-being.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a process where by water is purified back to its natural state, free of contaminants and hugely beneficial for the human body.

Scientifically, Reverse Osmosis is a separation process that uses pressure to force a solvent through a membrane that retains the solute on one side and allows the pure solvent to pass on the other side.

Reverse Osmosis was originally developed by the U.S.A government for the use in the U.S. Navy (desalination of sea water) It was then used by N.A.S.A for their manned space programmes.

The technology has been applied in many ways ranging from domestic to industrial use. Reverse osmosis is applied in bottling plants across the world, and in extreme cases like Dubai for instance. Dubai uses Very large desalination installations to purify sea water for the city’s great water demand.

Our reverse Osmosis systems have been purpose build to provide clean pure and healthy water on tap, in your house. The unit fits conveniently underneath your sink, with only a faucet visible above the counter top.

Stages of Reverse Osmosis

  1. Sediment filter to trap particles including rust, and Calcium carbonate.

  2. Activated Carbon Granules to trap organic chemicals and chlorine.

  3. Solid Carbon block to absorb colour, odour, harmful chemicals and harmful micro organisms.

  4. Membrane

  5. Post filter to provide taste and odour of water.

  6. Mineral injector that replaces the necessary minerals taken out of the water through the Reverse Osmosis procedure.


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Water Purifier from only R1699

Abundant water services has scoured the globe to find the best possible water purification systems at the best possible price. You see in order to return water to its natural state (H2O) actually requires a bit of work.

Water, being a universal solvent absorbs all the impurities that are evident in our environment. Since the water quantity on earth has remained constant, but the population has increased dramatically over the past decades, there is an increasing burden on the municipal water treatment systems to recycle the drinking water. Frankly the strain is beginning to show.

You need only consult our news page to see that water is a very hot potato. At this point and the focus seems to be on maintenance and further provision of water services to more people, rather than on improving the quality of the water.

So the water that comes out of the tap has been round the block a few times. Water has been flushed, drained, chlorinated, chemically treated, filtered and it always lands back in the same place…..YOUR TAP!!!

The Solution

However all is not lost and a very simple and economical solution is available due to a process developed by NASA for use on their long duration space flights. The process is called Reverse Osmosis. Reverse Osmosis is the process by which water is forced through a semi permeable membrane (a 0.0001 micron) filter that removes bacteria, heavy metals, radio active materials, parasites and contaminants bigger than 0.0001 of a micron.

For a free and no obligation explanation and demonstration of this remarkable system that will bring CLEAN, PURE, HEALTHY water to your home please contact Andre on O82 324 3157 to arrange a suitable time to learn more about the water crisis and what you can do about it. .

Price R1699 including VAT, installation and a 5 year guarantee!!

The price is subject to the signing of a maintenance plan. This simply ensures that you always have clean water. The plan covers your filters, services, maintenance and any repairs that your unit might require.You never need to worry about a filter change because we phone you when your unit is due, arrange a convenient time and do the changes for you. All for only R114 per month including VAT.


The Abundant Water Services Team




Western Cape:- Cape Town

Andre Botha
- 082 324 3157
e-mail: andre.botha@aws.co.za


Willem Beetge
- 0824107073    
e-mail: willem.beetge@aws.co.za

Installation and a 5 year guarantee!
The price is subject to the signing
of a maintenance plan. This simply
ensures that you always have
clean water.

Compulsory Maintenance Plan

Only R114 /mth incl VAT.

The plan covers your filters,
services, maintenance
and any repairs that your unit
might require.You never need
to worry about a filter change
because we phone you when
your unit is due, arrange a
convenient time and do the
changes for you.

Unit replacement after 5 years
subject to the maintenance 
plan extended for the 5 years
and the maintenance contract
renewed for 2 year period on
installation of the new system.