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"Your garden should be an extension of your personality, a place to entertain or unwind with a glass of wine, a sanctuary that feels a million miles away from the rat race.

We always strive to give people more than they thought was possible."

Andy Curwell



Second Nature Landscapes

Second Nature Landscapes is a specialist, hands-on Landscape Design company in Southwest London, specialising in the design and installation of exquisite gardens that fulfill both the client’s brief and their budget.

Landscaping is a luxury commodity –
but one that pays its way.

Not only should it add to your pleasure and relaxation in your outdoor spaces – it should also boost the value of your home; most people’s major asset.

Landscape design plays a crucial role.

As a landscape designer, the best design comes through good communication with the client; it allows me to implement your vision of your garden in a way that is.

  1. most satisfactory to you and
  2. realistic. Bad or impractical design is a costly mistake as yet more time and money are wasted sorting out the problem.

When selecting a designer, choose someone with a proven track record, who you can relate to and put your trust in. 

It is important that they are sensitive to your needs as the client.

We do our utmost to provide superior landscaping from design through to installation. By consistently taking great pride in what we do, paying attention to detail and doing what we say we will, our clients often become our friends.

‘Word of mouth recommendations’ have been our most frequent source of new business, although our recent return to the UK requires us to be a bit more proactive.

You can see our references from previous clients in South Africa and New Zealand in the right hand column.

For over 20 years I have run Landscape Design and Installation companies in South Africa, New Zealand and the UK.

During this time, I have extended my practical knowledge by completing a wide range of courses eg. lighting, irrigation, computer aided design (CAD), as well as pure design courses taught by John Brookes.

I have designed and installed gardens internationally in both the domestic and commercial sectors, and have accepted commissions to design and install gardens for clients in South Africa, while residing in New Zealand! 

My family and I have now returned to the UK and are building the business up from scratch.

Please feel free to contact me for advice.

Andy Curwell - Telephone: 0787 526 6372





The Landsacpe Design Process - Designing your dream garden.

Once you have found a landscape designer who understands your requirements, then you are ready to begin the process of designing your dream garden.

The process is much as it would be were you employing the services of an Architect :

Initial Meetings - Briefing

This is where you discuss your brief, your requirement and your vision of what YOU WOULD LIKE. 

My approach to this stage of the design is to listen carefully to how you want your lifestyle and garden to interface. I then respond to the brief with questions to ensure that I have interpreted your thoughts correctly, or to guide you to another solution should any of your requests prove unworkable.

During this phase I am constantly sketching to support my proposals. This is an exciting time for the client as they start to see the potential of their garden unfold and have direct input in the design process.

Measuring up

The site is measured to ensure that dimensions are correct and that any existing features such as large trees or structures are taken into account. Existing site plans of the property, (if available), are borrowed to correlate with on site dimensions.

CAD Phase

Back at my office, I load all the data onto the computer and start the process of real design, refining what was discussed and creating solutions to issues that were not forthcoming in the initial meeting. In essence I am making a computerised drawing of the site, on which I can place additional layers like digital tracing paper, of hard surfaces - (patios, paths, water features etc), soft surfaces - (plants and lawns) and additional landscape components like lighting and irrigation.

The use of Computer aided design (CAD) in Landscape Design

Computer aided design (CAD) is a powerful tool that enables clean, accurate working drawings, that can be easily altered and is invaluable when it comes to calculations for quotations. For years I produced hand drawn plans and resisted what I felt was the ‘soulless medium of the computer’. Having tried both, I cannot imagine going back to the limitations of hand drawing. Final plans are still hand coloured and I still use hand drawings during the initial design meetings, to convey concepts and clarify proposals.


The design is now presented as a reduced black and white copy, so that the client can visualise the structural concepts, planting layouts and other components that are relevant. In many cases the design is now accepted and can be produced as a finished copy. If alterations are required, then adjustments are made and re presented.

Final Design Presentation

The design is enlarged, coloured and laminated and presented as a completed Landscape Plan. The site has been assessed, my knowledge of space, flow and plant choices combined with your input will result in a landscape that is creative, practical, has realistic maintenance requirements and is as economically feasible as possible.


Now that there is a clear representation of the proposed work, a quotation can be quickly compiled due to the accuracy of the plan.


Garden Design Ideas
Andy Curwell - Telephone: 0787 526 6372




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For Personalised Landscape Design Services in New Malden, Kingston, other Areas in SW London CALL.

We do our utmost to provide superior landscaping from landscape design through to the final installation.

My name is Andy Curwell and together with my wife Penny, we make up the core of Second Nature Landscapes. Penny and I met at university in South Africa where I completed a 4 year BSc. Honours Degree in Botany. I then completed a two year Diploma in ‘Terrain Evaluation’ before coming to the UK.

In London I worked for the Royal Parks Board as a professional Gardener in the Inner Circle of Queen Mary’s Gardens, Regent’s Park. 

I completed my Royal Horticultural Society Certificate exams with distinction.

Landscape Designer Southwest London


" Andy is one of those rare gifted individuals with a commitment to excellence and a level of personal service that is hard to find these days."

Client: Sandton SA

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