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G Mondini

Semi automatic and automatic tray sealers, Dosing systems, Complete packing lines

B & H Labeling Systems

B&H Labeling Systems develops and manufactures labeling systems that apply roll-fed, wrap-around labels at high rates of speed to cylindrical product containers. Founded in 1969, our company is headquartered in Ceres, California, about 90 miles east of San Francisco. Today our business is global, with sales approximately 60% domestic and 40% international. To better serve our worldwide customer base, we’ve established sales and service offices in Europe, Mexico, Latin America, and Asia.

B&H invented the first roll-fed labeling system in 1970. Since then, we’ve maintained our technology leadership by ceaselessly researching, developing, and manufacturing new machines. Today we have over 100 patents in the field. Our labelers, more than 2500 sold to date, are known for innovation, simplicity, and reliability.

By listening to customers, we’ve anticipated industry trends and introduced machines and technologies that handle a wide range of applications in terms of container types, label substrates, and speeds. With customer partners, we’ve won multiple AmeriStar and WorldStar awards for packaging innovation and technical excellence.

Roll-Fed Labeling Is Our Passion

Unlike full packaging line suppliers, roll-fed labeling is our only business. We live and die through
labeler innovation and new application development. Our focus is on building rugged machines that
are easy to use and maintain, and are built to last.

Our labelers offer high reliability/uptime and the lowest total cost of ownership over the machine life. To ensure your continued satisfaction in our company and products, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service and support in the industry.

Bortolin Kemo packaging equipment

For over 50 years, BORTOLIN KEMO has been a major developer of advanced technologies and complete systems for the packing and bottling sector.

The company's many important successes in Italy and around the world confirm the advanced technological level and unmatched quality of its products.

Case formers and case sealing machines (hot melt and pvc tape ) , Case / Crate packers, Partitions Inserters, Palletizers, De-palletizers, De-craters, Glass bottles Palletizers

Cama Packaging Equipment

Intermittent and continuous motion cartoners, Display box machines, Feeding systems, Case packers (wrap-around & RCS type), Robotic loading systems
Sleeving machines, Forming & closing machines.

Cama group have been supplying packaging machines for over twenty years and can now offer its "new generation" machines with the latest electronic controls. The series has been developed and improved during the years to create high-performance and reliable machines to be integrated in complete production lines for biscuits, cereals, powders, yoghurt, ready meals, ice creams etc.

Main technical advantages of the Cama machines are:

24/ Seven
Cama machines are designed and built for 24-hours operation, seven days a week.

Electronic Machines

Fully electronic machines driven by independent brushless motors mounted on the drive shafts.

Toothed belts for the transmission and motion system to reduce maintenance and to allow high production speeds.User-friendly

Complete vision of the electronic/mechanical system motion and the products/packages flow; Machines ergonomically designed with maximum accessibility through full height doors and easy entry system to all machine parts to obtain a machine really in conformity with the "TPM" specifications; Operator's panel for easy machine control.

Easy use and quick size changing without tools and by means of hand-wheels; hygienic design for the food industry with low product retention and easily washable IP 65 stainless steel machines.

Sales: Leigh-Anne Cook

Projects: Mari Lindsey

Service: Annelle du Toit

Spares: Subeshni Pillay

Accounts: Dhaya Govender

Debtors: Zuki Katywa

342 Main Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2021 RSA
P.O Box 2875 Cramerview 2060 South Africa
Tel: +27 (0) 11 463 1000
Fax: +27 (0) 11 463 1001/2
e-Mail :
Cape Town
5 Lily Road Retreat. Cape Town 8000 RSA

Private Bag x 18, Suite #151, Tokai, 7966, South Africa

Tel: 021 701 4730
Fax: 021 701 4750
Port Elizabeth
21 Stethan Place, Sedan Ave, Lorraine, Port Elizabeth
Tel: 041 379 1723
Fax: 041 379 1723
Mobile: 083 414 6663
12 Clubhouse Place, Westmead, Durban
P.O. Box 15859, Westmead, 3608, South Africa
Tel: 031 700 4362
Fax: 031 700 8506





Robotic Packaging Equipment

The technical know-how, developed by CAMA since 1988 on robots and robotized systems, is the solid basis on which CAMA can now offer a wide range of packaging task dedicated loading units equipped with 2 or 4-axis robots. These units are designed with the purpose of meeting different packaging requirements for a variety of products, such as flow-wraps, bags, thermoformed packs & cartons, in relation to the package to be loaded into RSC cases, boxes, trays, Plastic RTP crates etc.

All CAMA loading units can be combined in complete packaging lines, with different upstream and downstream packaging machines, or integrated with other machine modules for erecting, closing or lidding of different packs such as RSC cases, trays, display boxes etc.

Main technical advantages of the Cama loading units are:

Manufacturing flexibility

All CAMA models are composed of a main common frame on which various product and package handling systems are positioned. The requirements of different projects can be thus met with the possibility of converting and/or modifying the units in future to facilitate different utilisation.

24/ Seven: Cama machines are designed and build for 24-hours operation, seven days a week.


The robot is positioned on a high level frame, allowing full accessibility and vision on all four sides and satisfying all layout requirements with the minimum possible footprint;

Clean design, with the location of electrical cables and pneumatic pipes inside the frame structure, which are easily accessible by means of suitable openings;

Advanced and user friendly operator’s panel, from where all different functional parameters as well as the robot trajectory can be adjusted, modified and set.


Low product retention, thanks to the frame design of the units dust, dirt and any product debris does not remain in the system but drops on the floor for easy cleaning during production itself (essential feature for stainless steel IP65 wash-down executions).

Market implemented electronic components

Cama Group core business is the engineering and the production of complete high technology secondary packaging lines in different sectors of proven technical know-how with high-level innovative systems. The constant and consistent investment in our R&D is based on the Company assumption that it is essential, to exceed satisfy our customer needs and to be
outstanding in terms of technological added value offered to our customer partners.

Sipa Blowmoulding Equipment

In-line blowmoulders, Rotary blowmoulders, Injection moulders, Integrated machines (injection & blowmoulding)

Senzani Brevetti packaging equipment

Senzani Brevetti was founded in 1953 by Mr. Iro Senzani who started his activity by manufacturing a machine to facilitate carton and case filling.

The prototypes devised and created by him were patented, and the very name of the company reflects his founder’s ability to develop and patent new concepts and ideas.

The first vertical cartoning machine and the first case packer were thus born: these designs are still the core of Senzani’s production activity today.

Senzani offers a complete range of machines suitable for a variety of industries and applications: detergent powders, agricultural seeds, pet food, foodstuff (pasta, sweets, rice, sugar, salt), etc....

From the beginning, the company has specialized in customised solutions to meet customer requirements.

Research and innovation have also traditionally been critically important for the company, helping it achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability and extended working life.

Vertical Cartoning Machines

Senzani vertical cartoning machines are able to reach the highest production rates by handling cartons of any kind starting from the most traditional skillet carton to "flip top” and “shaker box” design for candies.

The Senzani range includes economical machines for low-to-medium output rates, without ever compromising on reliability, quality and sturdiness (always the same as in top-of-the-range machines). The range of packaged products is extremely varied: washing powders, short-cut pasta shapes, rice, sugar, salt, cereal, pet food, confectionery, chewing gum, frozen food, fertilizers, hardware etc.

Each model of machine has a size and speed range suitable for output rates ranging from 40-50 cpm up to 600 cpm.

Case Packers

The Senzani case packers are suitable for packing shapes of cartons in cases and ideally
complement our vertical cartoning machines.

Well-known and appreciated for a long time in the cigarette production industry for their reliability, these machines stand out for their ability to remain perfectly efficient even when the raw material used is not top quality cardboard.


Senzani logistic systems are the best in terms of reliability, speed and production capacity.

They make it possible to achieve a high level of automation and are equipped with latest-generation, high-tech Siemens brushless motors, for perfectly accurate timing between the bundle pushers and the conveyor belt.


With our new Senzani automatic case feeding systems, the machine operator is no longer required to take cases out of their containers and place them on the magazine...

Pick & Place

Senzani Pick & Place Carton packers in American cases, wrap-around cartons or tray, as well as its palletisers, are a pleasant innovation in the field of final packaging.

Skilled Robots

Robotic palletizers, Laser guided vehicles

Graham Labelling

Neck and full body sleeving machines, Radiant & steam shrink tunnels.

P.E. automatic labelling machines

P.E. is one of the main manufacturers of automatic labelling machines in the world, technically experienced in this field since 1974. So far we supplied more than 5.500 labellers all over the world and in any sector. The number of employees, including those of the associate societies, is over 265 people, and the annual production is about 380 labellers.
65% of the sales revenue comes from export.

We are specialized in the following labelling systems:


The output of our machines can go from 60 BPM up to 1.300 BPM.

Avant-garde technology:

• Bottle plates rotation by servo-motors
• Programmable changeover
• Cold glue/self-adhesive interchangeable labelling stations on the same machine
• Machines with automatic lubrication systems (ordinary maintenance operations removed)

Soft drinks, mineral water, food, mineral oils, wine, spirits, chemical products, pharmaceutical sector, etc…

Laudenberg packaging machines for flat bags and stand-up-pouches

For two decades, Laudenberg has concentrated exclusively on the manufacturing of packaging machines for flat bags and stand-up-pouches and the respective peripheral equipment. For this reason, we precisely know and understand our customers' requirements. We do not offer only packaging machines, but complete efficient customer-oriented solutions, whilst adhering to all schedules. Behind all our services is a professional, highly qualified development and production team. Everything that contributes to Laudenberg's machines, modules and services makes them a leader in an international marketplace. The result: Packaging can be so easy - with Laudenberg.In our research and development departments engineers, designers and electronic engineers ensure that customer requirements are realised in a quick and competent manner. We develop new electronic control and monitoring systems, sometimes in conjunction with leading hard and software producers. Advantage for our customers: more transparency, more flexibility with modernisation, machine control or competition management. Whether a graphical object oriented control concept or total visualisation of the packaging process - everything is a reality at Laudenberg!

We produce quality, so you can produce quality. This already begins with the production of parts. With comprehensive CAD-CAM systems, state of the art CNC machine tools, qualified professional staff and a 98% share of own production we leave nothing to chance. We have a permanent large selection of material in stock so that we can guarantee extremely short reaction times.

Not forgetting: In our assembly halls we can pre-test complete production lines. So we optimise the start of production for our customers.

Assured and certified quality to DIN EN ISO 9001 is the result of many years of a systematic approach to quality management. A solid TQM - mentality on the total production line is demonstrated at Laudenberg, ’investments.

Facts about Laudenberg

A small room having less than 20 square metres of space was the place where all began. Two years after the foundation - in 1983 - Laudenberg GmbH moved to Wipperfürth, a village where it is still located today - but on an area of 16.000 square metres. From the seeds as a service company for installation and maintenance of machinery, a company has grown which today - nearly 25 years later - gives work to 145 employees. Laudenberg has its own Research and Development Department and large manufacturing halls.

Customers are well-known internationally operating groups needing to flexibly package items such as food, pet food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or chemical products. They purchase Laudenberg packaging machinery that forms, fills and seals pouches of all kinds with a capacity of up to 4 litres. The Laudenberg after-sales service is something very special and is highly estimated by all customers. In 2005 turnover will continue to grow by 10 %. All internal capacities are fully utilized. Laudenberg - always in motion.

Following the motto „Standstill is equal to one step back“,

Laudenberg is permanently seeking for innovations.

1981 Foundation of Laudenberg GmbH

1984 First flat pouch packaging machine

1991 Laudenberg has 60 staff members

1993 ew generation of form, fill and seal packaging line, i.e. FFS
1998 Ultrasonic sealing to seal pouches

2004 Introduction of Round Pouch as a new type of flexible packaging
machinery is supplied by Laudenberg

2005 New technical highlights presented at the Interpack. For instance the all new packaging line LCM which stands for Laudenberg Continuous Motion and is able to form, fill and seal up to 500 pouches per minute.

OCS Checkweighers - dynamic weighing technology and checkweighers.

OCS Checkweighers is an internationally established company in the market sector of dynamic weighing technology and checkweighers.
The quality and quantity of products is beginning to play a major role in every branch. In order to accommodate it is necessary to establish a reliable verification. Dynamic weighing systems contribute an important share.

Our checkweighers assume for example the checkweighing according to the FPVO, sort by weight or check for completeness - reliable, precise, efficient and service friendly.


Bottle unscramblers, Bottle orientators, Bottle silos, air conveyors


Schmucker creating high performance machines that provide great output.

Thanks to our experience, which dates back to 1977, and the more than 500 machines we have put on the market, Schmucker can now offer its clients a wide range of machines designed to meet market needs. Our 30 years of experience make us a leader in the field of packaging. We face the challenges of a constantly changing market to reach increasingly better results and to keep up with the progress and development that characterize the third millennium.. We are able to meet vast demand with different ranges and models of packaging machines and fully automatic lines. The many services and the variety of products help us reach our primary objective: customer satisfaction , and going beyond their expectations.

Manufactured based on the latest breakthroughs in electronic and mechanical engineering, Schmucker machines are designed to ensure high production efficiency while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

All phases of work are carried out in a single company, including design, development, production and distribution of the finished product The complete system, delivered turn-key, is designed and manufactured at a single source, in a single factory. This is something we stand out for. This strategy has paid off by putting us in a position of leadership in the market of Packaging Machines. This is the only way we can perfect our company's business and the satisfaction of clients.

Thanks to a team of skilled experts in our research and development department, a highly reliable production division and a motivated, innovated marketing strategy, we are able to provide versatile machines that combine our success with that of our clients.

In response to growing market demand, not only has our team grown (the company now has 90 employees), but the number of market sectors we are involved in has also grown to include:

Cosmetics Packaging
Foods Packaging
Pharmaceuticals Packaging
Chemicals Packaging

To improve performance in all areas and to offer machines that meet customer needs in order to provide them with exactly what they need, Schmucker designs machines that provide the right solution for packaging of all types of products: solid, liquid, granular, powder, cream, gel and single pieces.

Packlab labelling systems

Packlab labelling systems are suitable for the application of labels on containers of different shapes and sizes at a speed of 24.000 bph.

Engineering technology provides for consistent application accuracy (+/- 0,5mm), even when sudden speed variations occur during production.

The main feature of these systems, as well as of all Packlab labelling machines, is their modular design, providing for an easy adjustment to meet any packaging requirement.

IMA Packaging Representative South Africa

IMA designs and manufactures a wide range of high technology automatic machines and complete lines to satisfy the primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Due to a close and long-standing relationship with the pharmaceutical industry, IMA is able to develop processing and packaging solutions tailored to each specific requirement.

IMA’s constant research and development of innovative solutions is the key to ensuring continuing efficiency and competitiveness in the global pharmaceutical market.

The services offered by IMA provide the users of its machines with a single reference point, guaranteeing the maximum efficiency, flexibility and versatility of the technology supplied.

Kilian tablet presses, Zanasi capsule fillers, Sterile fillers, Co.Ma.Dis Tubefillers, BFB Cartoners, Case packers, Overwrappers

IMA offers the widest range of products and technical solutions for solid dose processing requirements. The experience gained in this field, combined with the constant commitment to innovation, make IMA a leading supplier.

The accuracy in the finishings and the use of selected and tested materials, allow the manufacturing of high quality equipment that meets the most stringent GMP rules.

Solid dose requirements are carefully examined by a team of experts in close collaboration with the customer to identify the best technical solution. Both standard and customised installations can be supplied.

The Solid Dose Division operates from four production sites: one located in Bologna, Italy, where IMA granulation equipment, tablet presses, capsule filling and coating equipment are produced; one in Cologne, Germany, where Kilian tablet presses are produced and two in Lucca where Zanchetta/Vima granulation, handling and washing equipment are produced.

IMA LIBRA, in the field of liquid powder and aseptic and non-aseptic processing, can today offer a wide range of machinery, particularly designed to meet the most stringent pharmaceutical requirements, from very advanced machinery and applications through to traditional filling and closing machines.
Combining the role of machinery supplier with the added ability of being a solution provider for its customers, IMA LIBRA can satisfy new requirements of aseptic and pharmaceutical markets, offering a product which represents not only consolidated technology, gained during many years of experience, but which also derives from a continuous partnership with pharmaceutical multinationals worldwide.

IMA LIBRA aseptic and pharmaceutical products are intended for applications requiring equipment of high scientific and technological content, where the industry must comply with very strict standards.
In this market, the company can either manage large-scale projects designing and manufacturing customized solutions to meet special end-user requirements, ensuring that end-user time to market deadlines are met.

Almost 150 machines a year are produced in the filling field, most of which are integrated in complete processing lines, due to an intimate knowledge of machine integration and line functioning logic, which is guaranteed by dedicated facilities and staff for equipment assembly integration.

Two different production sites ensure the wide range of machinery, one located in Calenzano near Florence and one in Ozzano near Bologna, each one specialized in a specific part of the process.

Cosmetic Packaging

The packaging of cosmetic products means dealing with a very demanding market characterised by specific needs for high standards of quality, versatility, flexibility and efficiency. IMA has the necessary know-how and expertise to guarantee these high standards of quality and has supplied hundreds of machines and complete lines to major cosmetic companies worldwide.

To confirm the continuous trend towards innovation, by further updating and upgrading its technology, IMA can now offer the cosmetics industry state-of-the-art machines together with the support of dedicated and well-established sales and after-sales services to meet the business challenge of the cosmetics sector.

Thanks to the experience gained in the cosmetic and pharma fields, IMA is also in the position to offer a wide range of advanced and innovative solutions for other sectors, such as food, chemical and many other industries.

Tea Coffee Packaging

The first IMA machine for packing tea and herbs into filter bags was designed and manufactured in 1966 in a small workshop.
Today, the site of the workshop is the headquarters of the IMA Tea, Coffee & Beverage where more than 150 technical and sales staff work to maintain IMA's leadership for this type of packaging machinery.

IMA's mission in this sector is to produce state-of-the-art, cost-effective machines designed to customers' precise requirements.

IMA has a 70% share of the world market for tea bag making machines. Two thirds of the the world's filter bags are produced on IMA machines.
IMA machines are installed in 67 countries world-wide.

PFM Group

SCIROCCO Flow Pack for high speed M.A.P.

Designed to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of packaging speed, hermetic sealing, ease of cleaning, and high quality standards of the internal and structural components.

SCIROCCO is the new PFM Flow Pack for high speed M.A.P. (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) of cheeses, breads, fresh pasta, sausages and salami, meats and other products.
The machine features a series of particularly interesting innovations:

Long Dwell transferring continuous motion transversal sealing system (PFM patent)
Available with 1-2-3-4 crimpers per shaft, according to the product and the required speed

The system guarantees perfectly hermetic sealing, for up to 180-200 packs per minute (one crimper per shaft version).
Servo-Assisted operating system by means of Brushless motors in direct electric axis, with touch screen controls and the possibility of on-line connection

Cantilevered machine construction with rounded corners, openable on all sides: the mechanical and electrical components are housed separately at the back of the machine, while the front is free from obstruction and thus quick and easy to clean in every point, visible or hidden

Reel-holding shaft with pneumatic extension and disc brake system
Automatic film mark reel changing system with no reduction in machine speed
The sealing units can be removed from the machine in 10 minutes for routine workbench maintenance
Construction in AISI 304 stainless steel.

Modulo heavy duty horizontal wrapper

Fully servo driven heavy duty horizontal wrapper for a wide range of applications.

The ergonomic design, the sanitization, the modular structure and the easy interface with the complete range of feeders, make the new generation of ''Modulo'' a quality wrapper at the top of the sector.


    • Modular cantilevered frame.
    • Servodriven motors for infeed conveyor, longitudinal fin seal wheels, cut off head.
    • Self centering double reel holder.
    • N. 3 pairs of longitudinal fin seals wheels.
    • Sealing temperature integrated control.
    • Up to 30 product parameters can be memorized OPERATOR INTERFACE- 6'' touch screen.
    • Statistic production data.
    • Display on machine status, diagnostic and alarms.


    • No product - No bag.
    • 4thset of towing/folding wheels.
    • Splicer.
    • Expansible reel holder shaft.
    • Servocontrol unwinding feed roll.
    • Code dater.
    • Long Dwell cutting head.
    • No gap - No seal.
    • Quality control of the packed products.
    • Additional electronic axes.
    • 10'' coloured touch screen.

Scirocco Pocket-Bag

Pocket Bag® is the new package dedicated to the sector of cheeses and fresh products in general, which can be opened and closed thanks to the zip, folded hem or label.

The advantages of Pocket Bag ®:

Open and Close: Pocket Bag® comprises the extreme practicality of the reclosable package and the guarantee of long-term freshness of the packaged product.

The novelty of the Pocket Bag® package lies in the wrapping material, which is made up of one or more layers of film that act as a gas barrier, and may be stripped off, thereby keeping the package intact.

Less Waste: The Pocket Bag® packaging system utilises a single reel of thermo sealing film. As with normal flow-pack packages, the machine seals the packages on three sides, offering the possibility of packaging products in the "stand up" position.

These characteristics permit considerable advantages in terms of the reduction of discards, due to discards and sealing loss, lower costs thanks to the possibility of using thinner barrier materials without compromising in any way the air tightness of the seal and, lastly, lower maintenance costs thanks to the reduced temperature of the sealing crimpers.

Marketing oriented: The Pocket Bag® package may be custom printed by the client, even on the rear of the package: the service to the final consumer perfectly weds marketing and communications requirements for food products.

Pocket Bag® can be produced with the flow wrap machine PFM SCIROCCO PB and vertical machine BG VETTA.

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